Hello, my name is Ayush Bansal

I'm a Software Engineer

I'm a full stack web developer, machine learning engineer, a blockchain developer and application developer with an experience of over 35 projects and many hackathons!

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About Me

I'm Ayush Bansal and I'm a Software Engineer in making!

I am a 20-year college student pursuing a bachelor's degree in computer science engineering. Being self-motivated and highly energetic helps me devise creative ways of developing projects. Being hardworking is natural to me which helped in expanding my tech stack. I am a team player and efficient in time management. I am passionate about coding and aim to achieve excellence in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning along with mastering algorithms and problem-solving skills.

Birthday : 03 October 2002

Age : 20

Website : ayushb2002.github.io/portfolio/

Email : ayushb6732@gmail.com

Degree : B.Tech. (Graduating June 2024)

Phone : +91 8368274303

City : New Delhi, India

C & C++
Front End
Database systems and Big Data
Data Science and Machine Learning


2020-2024 (Current)

Bachelor of Technology

Pursuing a B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, from Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Noida - 62. Currently in 7th semester with a CGPA of 8.8


Class XII

Graduated high school from Shaheed Rajpal DAV Public School Dayanand Vihar, New Delhi, from CBSE science stream (PCM + CS) with an overall score of 94.6% and a PCM aggregate of 95%.


Class X

Scored 87.6% in CBSE Class X examinations.


June 2023 - July 2023 ( Latest )

Summer Intern, Honda Cars India Limited

Worked majorly on three projects with the following titles -

  1. Understanding advanced UX software used in automobile industry and helped identify new hook points for higher engagement of the following application - H-Connect, Dlite, Iworkshop, Itraining
  2. Studied various manufacturing processes at Honda Cars India and IT systems supporting production
  3. Understood new technology and its applicability in Honda - focus on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) using AutomationEdge.

June 2022 - July 2022

COE Research Intern, JIIT Noida - 62

Researched and developed under university professor at Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Noida - 62 on a project taken under Center of Excellence on AI for Education. Built a web application in Python (NLP) implementing the findings of the research and extending the services to general public.


Coordinator, Google Developer Student Clubs

Conducted and managed various workshops based on development skills and managed the 'Hackin-Winters' hackathon, conducted offline at JIIT campus. Also got selected as campus facilitator for Google cloud career practitioner program for the academic year 2022-2023.


Volunteer, IEEE Student Branch JIIT

Managed various online speaker sessions and developed the website for hackathon conducted by IEEE-SB-JIIT, known as Xenith'22. Taught various topics related to python and machine learning in various workshops as a part of annual events known as Techblocks.


Full Stack Web Developer

As a full stack web developer, my journey has been an exhilarating adventure fueled by my passion for coding and problem-solving. I started my exploration by delving into PHP, building dynamic websites and honing my backend skills. Soon, I embraced the versatility of Python, working with Flask and Django to craft robust applications. The allure of the MERN stack captivated me, enabling me to create interactive and responsive frontends. Along the way, I mastered API development, connecting different components seamlessly. My dedication to continuous learning and hands-on experience has shaped me into a versatile developer, always eager to embrace new challenges and innovate in the ever-evolving web development landscape.

Machine Learning Engineer

My journey as an ML developer started during the lockdown when I saw the real-life impact of data science and machine learning in the online world. Equipped with Python skills, I delved into data science through a Udemy course, gaining knowledge of supervised, unsupervised, and reinforced learning. Gradually, I progressed to building statistical models and training neural networks with TensorFlow and Hugging Face. Today, I have completed impactful projects, including AI with genetic algorithms, CRM software using web scraping and ML, HR management with LLMs and Prompt engineering, and a vocabulary builder game as a minor project. Currently, I'm pursuing a specialization in Big Data technologies at college.

Blockchain Developer

Over two years ago, I discovered the fascinating world of blockchain technology and decided to explore it. Starting with learning Solidity and building basic contracts, I gradually developed projects like a lottery system and basic NFT contracts. My journey took a major leap when my team and I participated in Flipkart Grid 4.0, where we built WarrantyNFT, an e-commerce platform generating warranty NFTs. Since then, I've been involved in various hackathons, crafting projects like a Decentralized Identification System and a blockchain-based crowdfunding app on Polygon. I even won the Best Web3.0 Hack award at TechHacks 3.0. Now, I aspire to combine blockchain with machine learning for more exciting creations.

React Native and Google Cloud Developer

In summers of 2022, I competed in a hackathon at KEIT University, where I built the stale food classification model. It was then, I got the idea to implement an application called Green fridge, which was an initiative to save food and help in distribution among needy and poor. Such an idea could only be implemented via mobile application, and hence I stepped into the world of react native. Building the application and integrating it with a pre trained model helped me build an amazing project and gain experience with application development. In fall of 2022, I was selected as campus facilitator for Google Cloud Career Practitioner Program, and with training from google itself, I stepped into the world of Cloud technology.


My latest projects:



Developed a project in Python Flask with ExpressJs and NodeJs server with integrated sentence transformer and grammar correction models from Tensorflow with the goal to provide a subjective method for learning English and increasing vocabulary using single-player and multi-player games View on github!


Decent ID

Developed a project using Machine Learning and Blockchain to decentralize identity of Indian people by linking their aadhaar number to their wallet. This method can ensure fraud proof transactions. The website is live here


Blockchain server using C

Developed a project based on socket programming and Linux in C by creating an employee server for a bank and recording all the transactions in a self-made blockchain. View on github!



Developed a project based on minting and burning NFTs for products upon sale and expiry respectively. The project is built on MERN stack and deployed on Polygon Testnet. View on github!


Dog breed classification

Developed a machine learning model using Transfer and Deep Learning which recognized dog breed from the given image of a dog. View on github!



Designed and developed a website with a team for the college hackathon Xenith'22 hosted by IEEE Student Branch. The website is live here!



Developed an NLP model to summarize text and generate notes from text transcribed from an audio file using python libraries. View on github!



Designed and developed the official ICABB 2023 website for JIIT using Bootstrap 5 and Jquery. View official website here!



Developed a project based on NFT minting for a project based on digitalizing the land registry system and solving the loopholes in the Indian system with blockchain. View on github!



Designed and developed the official ICSC 2022 conference website for JIIT ECE Department using PHP and Bootstrap 3. View official website here!


Green Fridge

Integrated the stale food classification model self trained using the ResNet50 model from TensorFlow Hub, to a mobile application developed on React-Native using Restful API for backend integration. View on github!



Developed an application for integration of salesforce database to Django using Django-salesforce API and importing the database to python models. View on github!


Indian Sign Language Model

Created an Indian sign language recognition model, a project based on Transfer Learning trained upon mobilenetv2 model. View on github!



Designed and developed the official RAMSA 2022 website for JIIT using PHP and Bootstrap 5. View official website here!



A C++ application that provides a user-friendly menu driven command line to play music and create playlists and queues. View on github!


CBI Employee Server

A website built using PHP and SQL as a secure database management system for security agencies. View on github!


Home Decor

A Django app designed as a prototype for an interior design business with proper ecommerce functionality and stripe api linked payment options. View on github!



A flask app for book review system and an API for developers linked to ISBN number and official data. View on github!


Convo Live

A flask app with real-time communication services using SocketIO linked to javascript. The application provides texting featres like one to one chat and room chats. View on github!

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